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Azachorok Contract Services, LLC Saves 20% with OAK Insurance Solutions

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OAK Insurance welcomes Azachorok Contract Services, LLC! Azachorok specializes in electronic components and assembly of diagnostic equipment for safety critical flight controls.

Seeking quality coverage at affordable rates, we set them up with Property, Casualty, Excess Liability, and Workers Compensation coverage and saved them 20% annually!

Thank you to Azachorok Contract Services, LLC for their trust and business. We value them as clients and as a company!

We helped them and can help you too!

To learn more about how you can save by increasing your coverage, call or email us today.

About Azachorok:
Azachorok Inc. is one of the Alaska Native village corporations created by the U.S. Congress in 1971 under the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), settling land ownership disputes between the federal government, the State of Alaska and the indigenous land owners.

A proactive and flourishing village corporation in the Western Alaska region and headquartered in Mountain Village, Alaska, Azachorok serves approximately 493 shareholders. Azachorok provides advocacy on behalf of the shareholders and their families in the Kusilvak region.

Realizing the Kusilvak region endures the largest socio-economic challenges in the state, Azachorok board and staff are working to address corporate and tribal interests that would elevate the status of the region.

Azachorok’s work is to increase profits on operations to provide dividends and provide financial security for shareholders so that they can continue in subsistence lifestyles and remain resilient in culture and identity.

Azachorok collaborates with local entities to support sustainable economic opportunities, land stewardship, and providing critical infrastructure for the community of Mountain Village. Azachorok operates a heating fuel company in Mountain Village, Alaska and a military contracting company in Palmdale, California. Azachorok is working to diversify businesses and investments to build a profitable corporation while investing in the shareholder communities for the continued increase in quality of life in our communities.

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Glendora Mobile Home Park Insurance

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Glendora Mobile Home Park InsuranceGlendora Mobile Home Park Insurance – Mobile Home Parks have become some of the most sought-after investment properties available in the marketplace. Over the years, however, more and more carriers are less willing to write the risk. WHY…you may ask?

Well, Mobile Home Parks are unique properties subject to exposures not found in traditional commercial real estate. OAK Insurance Solutions, out of Glendora, nevertheless, offers mobile home park insurance.

OAK’s thorough product knowledge and insurance acumen can develop a custom insurance package to meet the needs of any Mobile Home Park owner. No community is too small or too large for us!

In fact, OAK Insurance recently insured Vandalia Mobile Home Park, a 15 Unit Mobile Home Park out of Porterville, CA.

Applying our expert knowledge in the Mobile Home Park Insurance niche, we set Vandalia up with the following:

  • Tough Product Placement – Specialty Lines Insurance. Over 8 carriers quoted to find the best possible option for our client!
    • o 4 x Mobile Homes
    • o 11 x Site-Built Specialty Single Family Dwellings
  • Coverage A – Dwelling Insurance
  • Coverage C – Personal Property Insurance
  • Coverage D – Loss of Rents Insurance
  • Coverage E – Personal Liability Insurance
  • Coverage F – Medical Payments
  • Additional Coverages – Landlord Protection Liability, Water & Sewer Backup Protection, Replacement Cost Value.

We like to extend our greatest appreciation to the Vandalia Mobile Home Park owners for their trust and business. We value them as clients and great people!

We helped them and we can help you too!

We can assist with all lines of coverage for mobile home and trailer parks. Below is a list of some of the coverages we offer and recommend to all Mobile Home Park Owner’s.

Glendora Mobile Home Park Insurance Recommendations

Commercial Package Insurance: The basic Mobile Home Park Package Policy consists of two major coverage parts: (1) Commercial Property and (2) Commercial General Liability. Within the underlying policy, endorsements can be made to include additional coverages such as Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability, Equipment Breakdown Coverage, Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability, Excess Liability Workers Compensation, Tenant Discrimination, Employment Practice Liability, Difference in Conditions, Commercial Auto, Pollution Liability, Crime, Vandalism and more.

To learn more about our Mobile Home Park Insurance Programs and how you can save by increasing your coverage, call or email us today.

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Glendora Car Insurance – Reassess and Reduce Your Rate

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If your Glendora car insurance rate is not accounting for these seven variables, your rate can be reduced with OAK Insurance Solutions.

Glendora car insuranceGlendora Car Insurance – In California, all operating vehicles, as well as those parked on California roads, require auto insurance. Although car insurance is to protect you from financial loss, there may be a strong likelihood that you are paying substantially more than you have to. If you have not recently reassessed your policy, you definitely must.

Due to a variety of factors, your car insurance rate can be reduced, if they’re not being accounted for. For instance, is your current rate penalizing you for a traffic violation? Is the premium based on a higher valued car? Did you start policy when you were renting? Single? If so, we’re happy to report dings fall off driving records, car values deprecate, renters become homeowners, and singles marry. As indicated below, these changes and a variety of others can reduce your premiums. If your existing plan, isn’t accounting for them, however, you’re paying more than you need to.

To ensure you’re receiving the cheapest rates, check your auto rates every six months. Here at OAK Insurance Solutions out of Glendora, we’ve done the leg work for you. Our rates beat the competition California Car Insurance Law
95% of the time. Get a quick quote here.

California Car Insurance Code

Per (California Insurance Code §11580.1b) the minimum liability insurance requirement for private passenger vehicles is:
• $15,000 for injury/death to one person.
• $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
• $5,000 for damage to property.

Glendora Car Insurance Agent Shares How Rates are Accounted For

As you saw in my previous blog, many carriers have or are substantially increasing their rates. Reason being, insurance companies generally use the data obtained from past year’s payouts to predict the following year’s risk. They look at the area’s criminal activity, severity of accidents, weather predictions, etc. Once they gather the data and set rates, they submit it for approval from the state’s insurance department. Simultaneously, these rates increase or decrease based on a variety of risk factors.

Variables Affecting Your Car Insurance Rates

Obviously, the riskier the driver, the more one has to pay. If your rate considers variables that may have classified you as a riskier driver initially, reassessing your policy can remove these negative factors. Here are 7 factors to consider that may reduce your rate once reassessed with Glendora’s OAK Insurance Solutions.

  1. Have you become a homeowner? Glendora car insurance companies generally give a discount to homeowners. Therefore, if you recently transitioned from renter to homeowner, recheck your rates.
  2. Has it been a few years since your last ticket? Insurance companies cannot ding you for tickets, traffic violations, and accidents forever. Usually, such blemishes should stop affecting your premium rates after 3 to 5 years. Accordingly, if your existing rate continues to factor your ding, you’re paying more than you need to. At OAK Insurance Solutions, we will reassess and potentially stop factoring in your traffic violation/accident.
  3. Does someone else drive your car too? If you have someone new living with you and it’s a possibility that they will be driving your car, it’s a good time to check with OAK. Adding a new driver to your policy can decrease (or increase) your rate. Variables to consider include multi-driver discounts and the additional driver’s driving records.
  4. Are you older? Well, we know this is inevitable. But, did you know the older you get, the less you pay for car insurance? Once you hit 20, your premium drops and continues to drop until age 60. If you fall into this age bracket, then allow OAK to check your rates and possibly reduce it further as another benefit to aging.
  5. Have you graduated? Studies indicate the higher your education, the less you pay for coverage. Reason being, those with less education are found correlated to a higher number of at-fault accidents. Therefore, if you recently graduated, or are about to, contact OAK. In fact, data suggests that those with advanced degrees pay 20% less than those with a lower degree.
  6. Did you get married? Studies confirm unmarried drivers are twice as likely to be in accidents as their married counterparts. Therefore, similar to the previous factor, risky, single drivers pay more than their married counterparts. If you are now married and you and your spouse/partner have compatible car insurance policies, you’ll be able to receive some great discounts. That said, at OAK we want to offer you the greatest savings possible. Therefore, before we combine you and your spouse’s policies, we will consider if that’s the ideal situation for you two. For example, if your spouse has a poor driving record and drives a risky (i.e. sports or expensive) car, it may be best to keep your policies separate. Contact OAK to do the analysis and decipher what’s best for you.
  7. Is your car worth less than before? It has been said that the value of a car drops by 40% within the first year of ownership. And as time goes by, the value drops further. As such, as the value of your car drops, the premium should also drop. You shouldn’t pay the same rate compared to when your car was worth its full, original value. For that, you should reassess your car insurance policy every 6 months. In fact, cars 5 years or older spend 20% less than newer models.

Your Glendora Car Insurance Agency, OAK Insurance Solutions, can help you find the best rate and plan based on your situation. Reassessing your car insurance policy every 6 months will allow you to factor in the above situational changes (as well as others) impacting your rate. To find out how much you can save, contact OAK Insurance Solutions today or get a quick quote here.

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