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March 2018

The best thing since sliced bread, OAK Welcomes UBE!

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We at OAK Insurance Solutions like to welcome United Bakery Equipment Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of automated Slicing and Packaging Equipment providing state-of-the-art solutions for bakeries across the globe.

OAK… the best thing since sliced bread!

By switching to OAK Insurance Solutions, United Bakery Equipment Company saves 8% in annual insurance premiums while benefiting from OAK Insurance’s competitive Workers Compensation Markets, Claims Management Solutions, and Monthly Auditing/Self Reporting Products.

About UBE:

UBE specializes in slicing and packaging: bread, buns, rolls, bagels, tortillas, pita bread, and other bakery products. Their machines include slicers, baggers, wrappers, decrusters, dicers, heat sealers, conveyors, and other custom machinery. Launched in 1966 with a hamburger bun bagging machine in Kansas City, Kansas, today, UBE is the largest U.S. supplier of bread and bun slicers and baggers.

UBE’s history includes:
* Developed high speed bun polyethelane bagging
* Started with cluster bun bagging machines
* In 1973, UBE purchased Maine Machine Works, a business founded in 1907 that built the first industry accepted bread slicer in 1926
They sell to customers in 60 countries in North & South American, Europe, Asia, the Mid-East, Australia and New Zealand

Learn more about UBE at
Rancho Dominguez, CA

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OAK Insurance Welcomes Ultimate Maintenance Services!

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Thank you to Ultimate Maintenance Services for their trust and business. We value them as clients and as a great corporation!  We had the privilege of saving them 10% on their insurance by setting them up with the following: 

  •  Workers Compensation
  • Claims Management
  • Monthly Auditing/Self Reporting – Improved Cash Flow
  • Railroad Protective Liability Insurance – Riverside Transportation Commission

 We helped them and we can help you too!

Thank you! It is such a pleasure working with you (OAK).”
Claudia Salomon
Ultimate Maintenance Services Inc

About Ultimate Maintenance Services:

Ultimate Maintenance Services, established in 1990, provides professional janitorial services, and value-added services. Their mission is to provide a high level visual equality standard you can be proud of. Their commitment to you provides their extensive experience, professional teams, and years of training to ensuring your satisfaction!

They use state-of-the-art equipment and offer a wide range of specialized cleaning techniques while providing a friendly and helpful customer service. Ultimate Maintenance Services is bonded, carries worker’s compensation, and liability insurance for your protection.

UMS is centrally located in South Bay, California which helps them get anywhere in a fast and prompt manner as well as accommodates for any type of meeting in their convenient corporate offices. They are currently servicing all 5 counties:

  •  Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County
  • San Diego County
  • San Bernardino County

To see their list of services please visit their services section at UMS Corporation and contact them today!

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Insurance rate increase – Nationwide, Allstate, USAA, Liberty Mutual, and State Farm

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Insurance Rate IncreaseUnfortunately, you will soon be experiencing a substantial rate increase if your insurance is placed with Nationwide, Allstate, USAA, Liberty Mutual, or State Farm, expect an insurance rate increase.

Nationwide is increasing their rates 6.2%, with an effective date of April 1, 2018! Seriously, whose side is Nationwide really on?

Allstate is increasing their rates by 6.9%, with an effective date of March 15, 2018! Are you really in good hands?

USAA increased their rates by 6.9%, with an effective date of January 15, 2018! Is that truly serving members?

Liberty Mutual Group increased their rates by 6.0%, with an effective date of March 24, 2017! Hiking rates. That’s their policy. We’re now seeing them in a whole new light.

State Farm’s rates are expected to increase by 6.7%! We think it’s time for a NEW neighbor.

Despite not filing claims and remaining a low risk customer, you may still have noticed an increase in your insurance rates…and again, if you haven’t, you will.

Insurance Rate Increase, WHY?

Nationwide Corporation Group 6.2% 4/1/18
Allstate 6.9% 3/15/18
USAA 6.9% 1/15/18
Liberty Mutual 6.0% 3/24/17
State Farm 6.7%  TBD

Insurance companies pay out billions of dollars in claims yearly. Sometimes, they have to pay out more in claims than they make in premiums. To compensate for their lost profits, costly claims, declining investment revenues, and dwindling cash reserves, they have to increase their rates.

Why feel forced to pay more? Allow us the opportunity to complete a thorough analysis on all your options and take advantage of all the available discounts. You make sure you have adequate coverage while taking the path that offers the greatest savings.

Although you can call around dozens of insurance companies, we’ve done the work for you. We can save you time and of course get you into the best coverage at the best price. To find out how much you can save, contact us.

Source: California Department of Insurance – Approved Rate Filings

Michael Martinez

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Glendora Home Remodeling Insurance

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Glendora Home Remodeling Insurance – Have you been thinking of remodeling or renovating your home?

Glendora Home Remodeling InsuranceAs spring approaches, homeowners often plan projects. Some want new floors. Others wish to update their kitchens or bathrooms. Similarly, some plan on doing the work themselves (with the help of Pinterest). Others plan on hiring contractors. If you are thinking about remodeling, whatever path you take, you must make sure you have adequate coverage. You should confirm your policy will cover your project, home, and content. Furthermore, you must make sure the remodeling doesn’t void your policy.

Glendora Home Remodeling Insurance Agent Must Be Notified

If you are planning on remodeling, here are three reasons to notify your Glendora Home Remodeling Insurance Agent:

  1. Generally speaking, when one remodels their home the value of their property may increase. Or at the very least, the replacement cost of the structure and content can rise. Accordingly, if you don’t notify your agent about the updates, your existing coverage may not be adequate. Your policy may not cover the replacement value of your home or possessions (i.e. new furniture, appliances, or electronics).
  2. What happens if your Pinterest ideas turn into Pinterest fails? It happens. With every remodeling project, there is a chance your property may be damaged/destroyed in the process. To protect yourself from repair/rebuilding costs, don’t wait to contact your insurance agent until the project is complete. Rather, contact them before the project starts.
  3. Who is going to do the work? Are you planning on hiring contractors? If so, before hiring a general contractor, ask to see a copy of their insurance. Look at their workers’ compensation policy, general liability insurance, and their builder’s risk coverage. If they don’t have workers compensation or their coverage is inadequate, they can end up suing you if they are injured on the job. Additionally, if they don’t have general liability, what coverage will cover consequent damages or injuries from negligence or omissions? And what about builder’s risk coverage? This covers damage to your home and the required supplies. To make sure you are protected, contact your agent. Or better yet, contact OAK’s Glendora Home Remodeling Insurance to confirm or increase your liability coverage.

There you have it, the basics of home remodeling insurance. Moreover, to uncover the basics of homeowners insurance, click here.

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Michael Martinez

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