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Dental Office Insurance – Brushing the policy, filling in the gaps

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OAK Insurance Solutions would like to take a moment and recognize our newest client, Dr. Abaro, DDS Inc.! Looking to increase coverage, while reducing his rates, Dr. Abaro contacted our agency. After a comprehensive analysis of his needs and goals, we were able to increase his business owner’s policy’s insurance limits anywhere from 15% to 100%. We set him up with an all-encompassing blanket P&C coverage, cyber liability blanket coverage, employee benefits liability blanket coverage, accounting/billing implementation per location, as well as reduced his workers compensation net rates by 5% and saved him 5% on insurance at each of his locations. Thank you to Dr. Abaro, DDS, Inc. and his staff for their trust and business. We value you them as clients and as an incredible corporation!

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Affordable, Health Smiles – General, Family, & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Ronald Abaro earned his doctoral degree from Loma Linda University in California with awards in prosthodontics. While earning his degree, he also served as a laboratory instructor for two years and provided dental service in the country of Fiji, Ukraine, and Mexico. During his last year of training, he was part of a select pilot group for advanced techniques in denture fabrication. He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, California Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the San Gabriel Valley Dental Society. In addition to practicing all phases of general dentistry, he has a passion for cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Abaro believes in continuing education to keep pace with the latest techniques and developments in dentistry to provide his patients with the best care possible.

Skill and compassion go hand in hand when providing exceptional patient care. As dental professionals, they stay up to date in order to provide the most current treatment options for their patients. As doctors, they recognize that their patients are unique individuals who have placed a great deal of trust in them and their team. Whether your dental needs are a complete exam and cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, Dr. Abaro DDS, INC. promises to provide you with exceptional care as they enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

Procedures and Services:

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact any of the locations closest to you, today.  They look forward to providing you with the personal care you deserve!


Canoga Park Dental
7616 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Canoga Park, CA 91304
(P) 818-887-7700

Chino Family Dental
12194 Central Ave
Chino, CA 91710
(P) 909-591-0316

Huntington Park Dental
3131 E. Florence Ave
Huntington Park, CA 90255
(P) 323-585-3332

Monterey Park Dental
1995 S. Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(P) 323-264-2500

Burbank Family Dental
2424 W. Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506
(P) 818-444-4044

Coming Soon:
Long Beach Family Dental – Long Beach, CA
Inglewood Family Dental – Inglewood, CA

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Glendora Auto Insurance – How long does a ticket stay on your driving record?

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Glendora Auto Insurance – How long does a ticket stay on your driving record? – Flashing police lights in your rear view mirror is never an exciting sight, but it happens. That’s why a common question we hear a lot from clients is, “how long does a ticket stay on your driving record?”

Glendora Auto Insurance – How long does a ticket stay on your driving record?Well, we are here to clear that up. Speeding tickets, running a red light, unsafe lane changes, at-fault car accidents are all considered moving violations and may remain on your driving record for up to 36 months (3 years). A DUI, hit-and-run, and other more serious offenses, however, remain on your record for 10 years.

In California, such serious offenses as a DUI, hit-and-run, driving on a suspended license, and/or speeding over 100 mph can land you two points on your driving record. Other violations, including speeding (below 100 mph), causing an accident, driving in a bicycle lane, violating traffic signals, improper lane usage, illegal passing, etc…can land you one point.

These points are then tallied and will determine whether the California DMV will want to suspend your license for six months for being a negligent operator. Currently, the California point system will suspend your license if you receive four points in one year, or six points in two years, or eight points in three years.

These points are all based on moving violations as they arise from violations committed while your car is in motion. Non-moving violations, nonetheless, do not result in points on your license. Examples of non-moving violations include talking on your cell phone and fix-it tickets (i.e. broken light, tinted windows, no front license plate, or paper work violations such as those regarding your auto insurance or registration).

Although we are an auto insurance agency, we also are human and understand mistakes happen, violations are obtained, and dings on your driving record can add up. That is one reason we are highly sought after.

If you have received a violation, there are things you can do to help clear up your driving record.

For example, according to the National Motorist Association, only one out of twenty drivers contest a ticket. Fighting a ticket, however, can reduce or dismiss your violation. In fact, if you feel you were wrongfully ticketed, or even if you are guilty of an infraction, fighting the ticket can be worth it as there may be mitigating factors to help ease the situation.

Additionally, if you have any “fix-it” tickets make sure to address that as quickly as possible to keep such violations off the radar.

Furthermore, if you have any minor mistakes, you may be eligible for a driver safety course. Although these can be taken at an on-site location, you can also complete these on-line and wipe away the penalty point in its entirety.

Finally, one of the most valuable strategies for clearing up your driving record is expungement. While expungement does not erase your record, it can dismiss a violation. It is best to speak to an attorney regarding expungement if this is the route you wish to take.

And as always, for affordable, high coverage auto insurance, contact OAK Insurance Solutions. We beat the competitors’ rates 95% of the time.

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Michael Martinez

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Insurance Fit for a Non-Profit Sports Foundation

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non-profit insuranceOAK Insurance Solutions welcomes and acknowledges our newest client, West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation, a non-profit, 501(C) 3 charitable organization. Looking to reduce their Workers Compensation rates, we lowered their net rates by 50%, provided them with access to alternative carriers and options for hard to place non-profit risks, and set them up on Pay-As-You-Go Payroll Reporting Services. Thank you to The West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation for their trust and business. We value you them as clients and as an amazing organization!
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The West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation (WCSMF) is a non-profit, 501(C) 3 charitable organization.

WCSMF is a research and education foundation that was founded in 1994 in Los Angeles, California to provide AT RISK high school students with the opportunity to participate in interscholastic sports, as well as reduce, mitigate and help treat musculoskeletal, spinal and brain related injuries through proper, recognition of the type of injuries, the severity of injuries, and proactive athletic training to promote fitness and reduce the prevalence of obesity. The program operates at no cost to schools and student athletes that participate in the Team to Win program.

The WCSMF Team to Win program is even more critical today to the students of Team to Win.

The WCSMF is multifaceted and includes many programs:

  • Team to Win high school outreach program.
  • Fellowship Program (Orthopedic and Sports Medicine).
  • Mentoring Educational Sports Medicine Program.
  • Peer Reviewed Research and Publications.
  • College Scholarship Program, Scholar Athlete Program.
  • Injury Tracking and Surveillance Study.
  • Sports Medicine Internship program.

TEAM TO WIN was featured on Fox Sports West and Time Warner Cable Sports Channel.

The economic challenge in the United States is the greatest it has been in a generation, perhaps longer. High school sports have thus never been so important. Study after study shows that high school sports help diminish teen-age drug use, reduces gang violence, and builds character and leadership. Team to Win keeps today’s young people in the game.

The key now is not only to keep Team to Win’s support strong, but also to expand the program – to expand its reach to even more deserving students at more schools. Team to Win now serves 13,000 student-athletes at 22 Los Angeles-area high schools. More than 80 percent come from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, 60% of students now in the program are on the federally subsidized school-lunch program, long recognized as a way to designate “at-risk” youth.

As the public-school system in California continues to suffer cutbacks, Team to Win and the mission of the WCSMF is even more critical. Team to Win is more important today to families who cannot afford medical insurance, and to High Schools who cannot afford On Site Sports Medicine Care.

Founded in 1994 by Orthopedic Surgeon, Keith S. Feder, MD and certified Athletic Trainer, Jill Sleight, ATC, the goal of Team to Win is to reduce the incidence of athletic injuries in local high schools and to treat injuries on-site to return the student athlete to competition.

The mission of the West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation is to have a positive impact on the lives of the youth it serves. Through organized athletic participation, students learn how to set goals and meet challenges. Documented research shows that student involved in after school sports are less likely to use drugs or join a gang and more likely to graduate from high school and pursue higher education.

Team to Win’s Goals:

  • Keeping student athletes healthy and participating in interscholastic sports by teaching them injury prevention and providing injured athletes with comprehensive and specialized medical care.
  • Continuing to provide these services at 22 schools and to 13,000 student athletes at no cost to the student or to the school.
  • Helping insure that these students have a bright future, free of gangs or drugs, where their dreams can come true.

How to Donate:

West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation
1200 Rosecrans Unit 206
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(P) 310-726-0750

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